For a period of six weeks,
I monitored and registered
all my prejudices, writing
them down on a notebook.
The brown velvet soft cover
notebook is 12 x 8 cm
(4.7x3.1"), and has 20
sheets of recycled paper.
Each prejudice was
documented through
a brief description,
place (if relevant),
date and time of the
The first registered prejudice
dates from January 6th, at
22h59; the last one dates
from February 18th 2011,
at 15h08.

At the end of the monitoring
and registering period,
I dismantled the notebook.
Having no further use to the
written data, I ripped down
the sheets.
I then turned the ripped
sheets into paper mache.

Thinking about what to do
with it, two hours passed,
and the paper mache ball
dried up and became stiff.
Not satisfied with the
outcome of the exercice,
I found myself imagining ways
to falsify the documentation,
leading to a more interesting
(fake) result.
Realizing this will to falsify the
outcome of the experience,
I kept the ball and started