For a period of three months,
I monitored and registered
all my fears, writing them
down on a notebook.
The red velvet soft cover
notebook is 12 x 8 cm
(4.7x3.1"), and has 40
sheets of recycled paper.
Each fear was documented
through a brief description,
place (if relevant), date and
time of the day.

All the physical damage
related fears were excluded
from the register.
The first enrolled fear dates
from September 30th 2010,
at 16h23; the last one dates
from January 3rd 2011, at

At the end of the monitoring
and registering period,
I dismantled the notebook.
Having no further use to the
written data, I ripped down
the sheets.
As soon as I finished to rip
the paper, I feared that I
wouldn't know how to get
the exercice to a proper

Realizing this fear, I found
myself needing to document
it once again.
Therefore, 28 hours later,
I managed to turn the pile
back into usable paper.
The second notebook is
now similar to first one.

However, it as only 8
sheets of a thicker and
darker paper.